In Tormentata Quiete (ITQ) was born in 1998 from the idea to blend passion and melody, typical of the Italian popular music and the expressive strength of extreme metal, in order to become the soundtrack of men's travel in the world of their Emotions.
The journey begins with the promo-CD "I Tre Attimi del Silenzio" (The Three Moments of Silence) (1999, self-produced) which describes the three moments of life where a man is really alone with himself (Birth, Death, Masturbation): both a fascinating and challenging travel in which we can find the primordial seeds of ITQ's musical profile.
The first full length record "In Tormentata Quiete" was released in 2003 (Dawn of Sadness production). It tells about a Man, who in his loneliness, ask himself some questions about his existence "L'idea. Che nasce. E scava. In me." (The idea. Which rises. And digs. In me). Sounds are typical of symphonic black metal with neo-folk influence.
"TeatroElementale" took shape in 2009 (My Kingdom Music production). Finally, the Man realizes his consciousness and knowledge, restoring the determination to come back to life, desisting from just surviving "Io sono l'Uomo che vive la vita, coltiva l'Anima e viene spinto dal Cuore. Per sempre." (I am the Man who lives life, cultivates the Soul and is pushed by the Heart. Forever). The tale is accompanied by evolving sounds which move towards a more progressive and avant-garde style.
Living means feeling emotions, each one represented by a color: Blu, color of inspiration, is told in the single "Il Profumo del Blu" (2011, self-produced), anticipating the concept album "Cromagia" (2014, My Kingdom Music). The Red of passion is connected with the Green of tranquility, whilst human warmth of Yellow is in contrast with the solid reality of Black.
Never stop, once a journey is over we can undertake another walk: "Finestatico" (2017, My Kingdom Music) is a travel towards the Universe enclosed in us, where each vital point is a part of this world. Music originates from the ancestral darkness and then it shines into new articulate harmonies as stars that enlighten and darken human Science, Consciousness and Knowledge.
Samantha Bevoni (female clean vocals)
Davide Conti (male clean vocals)
Marco Vitale (scream vocals)
Antonio Ricco (keyboards)
Lorenzo Rinaldi (guitars)
Luca Pasotti (bass guitar)
Francesco Paparella (drums)
1998 Formation. Founders: Antonio Ricco (keyboards), Lorenzo Rinaldi (guitars), Francesco Paparella (drums), Marco Vitale (scream vocals).
1999 Promo-CD "I Tre attimi del Silenzio" (self-produced); line-up: Antonio, Lorenzo, Francesco, Marco, Giannico De Paulis (male clean vocals), Francesco B (bass guitar).
2003 LP "In Tormentata Quiete" (ITQ and Dawn Of Sadness production); line-up: Antonio, Lorenzo, Francesco, Marco, Giovanni Notarangelo (male clean vocals), Sara Tenaglia (female clean vocals), GB (bass guitar).
2009 LP "TeatroElementale" (ITQ and My Kingdom Music production); line-up: Antonio, Lorenzo, Francesco, Marco, Giovanni, Maurizio D’Apote (bass guitar).
2010 Appearance in the episode "666" of the TV series "L'ispettore Coliandro" (Rai-TV, Nauta Film, directed by Manetti Bros).
2011 Single record "Il Profumo del Blu" (self-produced); line-up: Antonio, Lorenzo, Francesco, Marco, Giovanni, Maurizio. The CD contains the reprint of "I Tre Attimi del Silenzio" and "La Ballata del Cane Nero", which was composed for the episode "666" "of the TV series "L'ispettore Coliandro".
2014 LP "Cromagia" (ITQ and My Kingdom Music production); line-up: Antonio, Lorenzo, Francesco, Marco, Maurizio, Simone Lanzoni (male clean vocals), Irene Petitto (female clean vocals).
2017 LP "Finestatico" (ITQ and My Kingdom Music production); line-up: Antonio, Lorenzo, Francesco, Marco, Maurizio, Simone Lanzoni, Irene Petitto.
2017 Videoclip of the song "R136a1";directed by Eugenia Trotta, Edited by Felkar Studio, Screenplay by Eugenia Trotta, Director of photography and coloring by Alex Mercatali, Actors: Alex Mercatali and In Tormentata Quiete members.